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CRM Software for Project Management

Stakeholder Software Canada : Improve the Social Performance of your Stakeholders

Develop and maintain construction relationship among mobilized stakeholders with our most recent CRM Stakeholder App. Easy to install, data-rich and comprehensive/customizable interfaces help people to track what matters, positively influence and benefit at each level. Address needs, resolve issues and foster engagement vs decision-making. Issue log, change requests, update available assets and get feedback from labor unions or potential customers. Share information with anyone connected.


Productivity software and collaboration tools can promote stakeholder engagement. Also, social media can help engage stakeholders. For example, LinkedIn has thousands of groups for project management professionals. Some project management software includes functionality like Facebook to encourage relationship building projects, like giving high fives for a job well done.


CRM Stakeholder


Stakeholder software for petroleum industry


Managers : Total overview of your operation and ability to provide customized reports to funding agencies, NTD, etc. Accurate data allows for better decision making and optimization of agency resources.


Drivers : Less distraction means better service. Simple in-vehicle stakeholder interface allows them to process manifests, get dispatch updates and communicate back to the office in a safe manner.


Schedulers : Complete confidence in single trip or batch scheduling. Access to solutions from an industry-leading algorithm at the touch of a button to assiste with efficient timeframe creation.


Call Centers : Makes booking eligible trips a snap. As well, they'll receive fewer calls about ETAs and changes to passengers' displacements, giving them more time for one-on-one customer service.


Dispatchers : Powerful insight into vehicle location and plan adherenbce. They can react incredibly fast to "no shows" when it come to an important meeting or public consultation.


Licence-free upgrades done quickly without human intervention. You can also host the app on your own on-site server.



The ability to track data and validate it quickly might allow your company to access to more funding from investors and banks.


Reasons why projects fail : lack of leadership and creativity, not understanding what are the internal stakeholder needs before going forward with the job and inefective information circulation along the network are the main explanations behind a failure.


What a Stakeholder Software does for your organization (SRM App / Social Performance)


1. Scope Management : Ensures that all the requirements are elicited, validated and recorded. List and interconnect all the constraints, dependencies and assumptions. Manage change requests in a real-time manner.


2. Cost : No more overpricing or lack of expenses estimate. Tracks capital, expenses, invoices, estimates and reports constant updated status.


3. HR : Ensures that roles and responsibilities for each human resource are clearly stated, understood and communicated. In addition, controls that every individual has filled the credentials and qualifications required for the task


4. Risk Management : Identifies and quantifies risks, creates consensual mitigation strategies and achieves periodic reviews of project risks.


5. Registry : Lists and tracks "all" stakeholders and positions them in a comprehensive arborescence (graph).


6. Sabotage Surveillance : Everyone gets informed if there is any political or lobby maneuvering designed to untrack a key-process.


Stakeholder information software (free trial)