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Portable dust collector

Dust collectors with integrated bags
We remove and get rid of the dust for the industries ranging from the recycling centers to ores mines to wood (forestry and woodmills), food market process and pharmaceutical factories. We use tubular filters for the extraction in order to have access to difficult and restrained areas. You will never have to lose time to unclog the filters again and we only use highly efficient MERV 17 Nanofiber media mobile dust collectors and dry downdraft tables to capture the smoke of grinding, welding and sanding deposits.


Blastrac mobile dust collector for floors


The terminology to know about the dust collectors :


1- A baghouse is a filter medium (an air pollution control machinery part) located inside the dust collector itself providing a continuous airflow debit (with no dust loading variation during all along the process. The pollution remains outside the machine and is pulsed in the removable bag (which is snapped in a closed plastic bin that is 100% hermetic and keeps the environment safe from any kind of particles). However, the technician has to clean the needle felf medias every 4 hours to insure a 100% collecting efficiency. Those needles are made of fiberglass, polyester or nomex and are fragile devices that can be easilly damaged or even broken if handled by non-expert workers and replacing one may cost up to 2.000$ and representing a waste up to 60 minutes. To prevent any failure, you also have to bolt it otherwise some parts might fall in the hopper.


2- Every cartridge can be used only once but it's the most economical way to collect dust but not fastest nor the most effective one. It offers a "line cleaning of static pressure" in the flow. Depending on the boom truck that you use, the potential quantity of the dust collection can reach a weight of 2000 lbs. The vertical cartridges are generally used for air volumes with high contamination values containing very tiny (submicronics) particles. The other advantage is that you don't have to clean a cartridge after every use, you only have to replace it in the shell inclosure and tight it up using the appropriate lock cables.


3- The shaker dust collector uses exteral filters and is the cheapest solution because there is no need for surveillance or chronic maintenance. We call it a shaker because it's equiped with a fully automaed device that shakes the particles as long as it dislodges the dust from the recipient, the room or the floor on which you perform the operation. To improve the efficiency of the collecting process, add a gas or electric operated centrifugal fan (extra module on wheels). There is a woven included (made of polyester or another synthetic material) that is supposed to last for a period of at least 250 hours of use and that is coated with a plastics membrane and installed in between the rotary airlock and the container tank. This unit is compliant with the 12 gauge of the industrial and construction hydraulic machineries and comes with a 8HP TEFC enclosed moter + a tank of 50 liters of diesel gas.


4- If you are looking for a stable pressure drop, the cyclones vacuum are the perfect fabric-type dust receivers. It produces a swirling movement forcing the particles the size of a micron to move into the bin at a pace of of 5000 square feet of volume per minute (through the inlect duct installed at the waste filtration reverse pulse system and the carbon plate). The graivity does the rest and you save money on the moving parts because it's an all-in-one mobile collector that is appreciated in those industries : concrete dust from stone quarries, woodcutters and lumberjack transports, body shops (car welding and painting jet), candy factories and agricultural peat moss (farms and artificial grass growers).


5- Despite it needs a huge quantity of water, a wet scrubber provides a superior draining force by forcing the dust to follow a powerful water stream (from upstream to downstream activated by a gas powered mechanical turbine. So the air is mixed with the water and the natural resistance removes the floating solid debris. Then, a redirection drives them to the drain where is a triple filter (2 layers + 1 HEPA type) waiting to sludge the raw substance. Companies make this choice when it comes to install a portable, comptact but also a light machine (must not exceed 5.000 pounds or 2.400 kilos). It can be store in an outdoor area and is not affected by the rain, snow or strong wind.


6- The self cleaning reverse mobile dust collectors show an efficiency of 99% when it comes to air filtration and allows a 360 degree rotation in restricted places. The dust drawers are removable from both 4 sides so you don't have to rotate the whole equipment to face the entrance door before emptying the load. But the most compelling about it is the fact that it can be operated with only compressed air bottles. It mean no generator, no powercord and no engine gas to manage inside a building. However, it's noisy (up to 120 decibels) and an expert has to keep an eye on the process while the vibration level might damage walls or important equipments surrounding the area. It's a noisy and vibrating one but that beast is effective as nothing else and the drawers can be transported with a standard pneumatic forklift with no extra safety measures. So pattet trucks can be used too like the Hyster electric 8000 load capacity). One last advantage : it's odourless and it does the job like if there were finally nothing in the air since the beginning of the operation. Your other worker can keep working no matter what's going on on the dust collecting site.


7- The industrial ovens use heat to burn the particles in suspension through a thermal biomass process and the hot air is ventilated through a steel coated exhaust pipe 30 feet over the ground (it looks like a submarine snorkel with a red light on top). It's the casual industrial odor, fume and particles eradicating machine (down to a size of .45 microns). There are several available manufacturers in Canada like Weldair, Coral Clean and Max MobilAir. The filters are washable and some have the option (add 10% to the price) of an integrated auto-cleaning liquid oxygen pulse jet and a hose (you need to wear safety gloves to avoid skin injuries to your hands). They all come with a movable "extraction arm" that attracts the airborne contaminents in any building, room or indoor worplace that has a volume/dimension of less than 1.500 cubic feets. It works so well that your workers will be allowed to remove their masks when the process is fully completed. Looking for an extra detail? They are made to fit the dimension of a doorway frame (36 inches x 84 inches) without having to remove the door. The air flow factor is 764 CFM in normal condition and it doesn't have to be connected to am external blower or to goyen valves.


Tested filtering efficiency : 99.94%


Sound impact : 88.2 decibels


Electrostatif precipitators for smoke collectors cannot be used along with laser dust collectors, especially when it's activated nearby a modular enclosure, a protective booth or a dedicated space for an hexavalent chromium compound in the oxidation state (in barrels or in unopened buckets).


Hepa Zone work enclosure Free D-Capture. Used torit downflow dust removal at your location in Quebec, Ontario or New-Brunswick. Please ask for a quote if you are located in PEI or Nova Scotia, we sometimes go to Charlottetown, Halifax and Dartmouth.



Powermatic portable wood dust collector


Concrete dust collector as a permanent installation